Animal House

We have a lot of critters around here…..

So I’ll start a running list.

We have 10 dogs. They are all over 50 pounds. Sheep dogs and mutts from every imaginable background have found their way here. We even stumbled across a puppy in the middle of the desert!

Several Cats. Willy is my favorite.

Well over a hundred wild chickens that roost in the trees and begin crowing at 4am.

All the sheep….

2 goats, Lucky and Happy. They will be super excited to see you if you come for a visit!

11 geese. They are the barnyard police and the daily patrol. 6 of the grey ones were born right here on the farm.

2 pigs. Mama & Papa. Together they’ve produced more than 40 piglets, and are currently enjoying retirement in their mud-pit paradise.

4 alpacas. Finley, Sierra, Little Red and Heidi. They all like a good bath in the morning!

2 wild mustangs, rescued from the BLM. Zula is a bay mare and speedy is a paint gelding.

2 adult domesticated horses that were given to us in 2016. Fury is a thoroughbred paint gelding, and Faith is a domesticated Mescalero Mustang.

A 25 year-old mule named Bella.

And I think that’s everything! Until the next one arrives….



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