Bee Chama Farm had it’s grand opening in January of 2018, when the farm store in Polvadera was finally completed. It was a project that took several years, and it is the collective effort of a circle of friends with various talents, skill sets, and incredible ideas.

HERE you can read more about the store and how we built it, including the concept of thermal mass.

Bee Chama Honey has been around since the late 90’s. It’s an established brand throughout New Mexico that can be found at numerous farmer’s markets and retail locations. The beekeepers are doing their thing right next door, so we can participate as much as we want to, & the founding beekeeper is the reason this farm store even exists. Thank a beekeeper today!

Here at our farm store, we want to use our profits to help our community. So we partnered with a local nonprofit, Puerto Seguro, and several other nonprofits and activists throughout the country, and decided to give away whatever profits we can generate from our little shop on the side of the road. We sell honey and skin care, and we use our retail space to educate people on the benefits of farming and animal husbandry, permaculture and renewable energy, closed-loop ecosystems and symbiotic relationships, labor trade and gift economics.

Explore the website to learn more about the projects we support, and donate to them directly.

We’re just (officially) getting this thing started, so jump in and participate! We can always use the help. Contact us at beechamafarm@gmail.com




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