Thermal Mass

A thermal mass is a material that absorbs heat from a heat source, and then releases it slowly. This can be used to help regulate the heat in a space by increasing the amount of energy required to change its temperature.

We use this concept in all of our building designs, from our greenhouses to our animal barns to our farm store. It’s heavily based on the concepts of Earth Ship style housing, with south-facing windows, straw-bale walls and rammed-earth foundations. It involves tremendously more effort than money, which is incredibly attractive to folks like us.

We recycle a lot of materials, from old tires and beer bottles to gas station cooler doors and telephone poles. If you want to see for yourself, just stop at our farm store next time you’re in New Mexico, or browse through the photos on this website. We are always accepting interns willing to sling mud on a wall, and there is always a wall that needs some mud.


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