The Polvadera Farm Store

The name “Polvadera” means “dusty” in Spanish, and this little town nestled just east of Polvadera Mountain is true to it’s name. Take the Lemitar exit, (156) off of I25, just north of Socorro, and travel north on the west frontage road for 2 miles. You’ll see a big yellow honey van on the left. That’s us!

This is the Bee Chama Farm Store, where you’ll find over 17 varieties of raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized honey straight from Bee Chama Honey’s own bees, and the hives of our beekeeper friends in 7 other western states. Our Farm Store is open 7 days a week, so if you’re in New Mexico, come on by and get a free cup of coffee. You can sample some honey, learn about thermal mass and beekeeping, give some treats to the goats or the alpacas, and thumb through a book about permaculture.

We work with local farmers to provide organic goat cheese and green chili (seasonally) as well as jams, jellies and mustards from our friend Katy in Colorado. We work with 4 different soap makers to provide a range of amazing honey soaps, created with various herbs and oils, and produce an entire line of skin care products that you can see HERE.

If you aren’t in New Mexico but you’d still love some honey, then click HERE and you’ll be redirected to the Online Farm Store, where you can order directly on the website and we’ll ship it right to your front door. Thank you so much for your support, as every dollar of our profits go directly to various 501c3 nonprofits, and contributes to our animal farm, our gardens, our outreach projects, the vision of similar things happening in all 50 states, and the impoverished people in our surrounding community here in New Mexico. Spread the Love, and feel free to email us at


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